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Not just another Valentine’s blog post (or is it?)

Like it or hate it – you can’t stop it coming your way: arguably the most romantic and not less annoying day of the year. No matter if you are team Valentine or team Just-Another-Marketing-Trick-for-Consumer-Society, we are declaring our love to everyone reading this right now and with all our IT and cinema geeks’ hearts sharing top three visually stunning movies contemplating on the future of technology and relationships.

Her (2013) – unusual love story of a selfish guy and AI with Scarlett Johansson’s voice, at that point you should be already intrigued.

Blade Runner (1982) – timeless classic you need to watch right now if you’ve never done it before (come on, Denis Villeneuve’s part 2 premiered almost three years ago!)

Ex Machina (2014) – the least appropriate for the purpose among the list. Anyway, just go and watch Oscar Isaac's dance, it worths it.


Pursuance Capital Team


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