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The Pursuance Group is a Malta based technology and investment group that builds digital products for a globalised world.

Over the last five years we've been building Enterprine - a platform for illiquid assets management. The product is focused on both asset owners and service providers. We're seeing a strong product-market fit with HNWI's in the Maltese market and will subsequently launch with HNWI's in Barcelona.


We are also proud to hold a minority equity stake in the following high tech companies:  

We are serious about creating a great workplace and understand that employee engagement is a force that drives real business outcomes.




With its wealth of talent in the FinTech sector we're strategically based in the sunny tech hub of Valletta, Malta focused on developing a unique platform designed for Home Management: handling estates, improving collaboration with service providers and filtering information. The team consists of a director, talented development team of three and two administrators/supporters.

The product is focused on both assets owners and service providers.  

Opportunities for the owners:

  • Manage all your assets and companies in one place. Meet the deadlines, keep your assets in a good shape by finding the best service providers in your area.

  • Track the maintenance and enjoy the automatic billing.

  • Don’t leave your assets idle. We are here to help you monetize your assets while they are idle.

Opportunities for the service providers: 

  • Manage your existing clients and tasks using our powerful tool: set reminders, use a worklog to report on what is being done, generate invoices and bill your clients automatically. 

  • Find new clients in your local area to help your business grow. 

Check out the platform yourself or get in touch with our team to see the demo or collaborate! 

Malta is progressing on its legislation on blockchain to attract blockchain-enabled startups. At Pursuance Capital we are bullish on the blockchain and are creating a media arm focused on the NFT space. See our weekly research here: Show Me Your Nifties


Cloud & blockchain
MAltese know-how and local expertise


Roman Kononihkin

Roman is a Front End Developer of Five Stories Tall. He wrote his first computer code at the age of 8 years old and his first computer game at the age of 14th years old. He has been working as a software developer for around 11 years. He had had an experience working in number of various projects including health care project, finance sector and social networking projects. He is always keen to learn most recent technologies available on the market. 

anton dykyi

Anton Dykyi is CEO and Lead Developer of Five Stories Tall. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science. Anton has 8 years of dev experience on various projects mostly in financial domain and 4 years of leading larger teams in an international environment. Anton has a passion for creating robust, scalable and customer oriented applications and adopting bleeding edge technologies in development.

Danylo yeleiko

Danylo is a Backend Developer of Five Stories Tall. He started his career in IT as a data scientist at the age of 17 - he has been passionate about mathematics since his early childhood. Dan has worked on projects in various domains including healthcare and fintech with customers around the globe, both in teams and solo. He believes that work is a great way of self-expression, so he applies his analytical skills and creativity to deliver fast, reliable and intelligent software.

executive assistant
Elena tanasenko

Elena is an Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors and Shareholder of Pursuance Capital. Holding degrees in Translation Studies and Economy, she finds her job an excellent opportunity to apply and improve her various skills, fulfilling a wide range of tasks, both analytical and creative. The other projects she works on include photography and film production in Moscow, Russia.

graham bencini

Graham Bencini is a director of the board of Pursuance Capital. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management & Computing, Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management, a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He is a Certified Public Accountant by profession, a member of the ACCA global body of professional accountants, the Malta Institute of Accountants and the Instiute of Financial Service Practitioners.

project manager
kristina cebatko

Kristina Cebatko is a Project Manager of Five Stories Tall. She has lived and worked in Latvia, England, Italy, Netherlands, Caribbean Islands and Malta. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting & Business and has acquired Prince II Foundation certificate in 2011. She is also a Founder & President of Develop360 charity  foundation in Malta that is focused on Education improvement.


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