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How to use Enterprine for your personal stuff

Today we'd like to show you how useful the Enterprine platform can be for everyone, even for those with limited amount of stuff to keep.

For example, Elena (our Executive Assistant) is an amateur photographer and has got a relatively small collection of cameras (3) and lenses (5). However, keeping all the related documents, such as invoices, manuals, insurance policies etc. around your house can be quite annoying, so Elena created assets for every photo item she has:

This way she's already got a full overview of items owned. Clicking on each item she has a quick access to some important information, e.g. purchase date or serial number:

Next step: she uploads related documents to each asset (= item owned):

Now shall she need to call her insurance with regards to a broken battery of her Fujifilm camera, she would log into Enterprine and will have insurance policy, invoice and serial number at her hand: no need to look for the old camera box in the attic.

This is just a small example how you can use the Enterprine platform in your everyday life. To find out more, contact us to see a demo and learn how Enterprine can address your personal needs.


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